Product Designing And Prototyping

Prototype injection molding services put a world of quality products and precise parts at your fingertips. Crescent Industries is equipped to tackle your prototype using our state-of-the-art, highly automated manufacturing capabilities.

Plastic injection molding offers unlimited possibilities for custom-made products because components can be sized and adapted for any number of applications. And because plastic mold design is economical, we’re able to see our customers’ projects through from initial design to prototyping. This gives you the comfort of knowing that your customized parts and components are thoroughly tested and of the highest quality possible.

Every industry has unique needs when it comes to quality custom plastic injection molded parts and components. And within those industries, every company has its own specific requirements. In short, it’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Customized injection mold design and prototyping services allow your business to be nimble where it needs to be.

Glossary of Cosmetic Defects Terms

Injection molding is a complex technology with possible production problems; these can either be caused by defects in the molds or more often by part processing. The Society of Plastics Industry produced a list of glossary terms and definitions for typical cosmetic defects for custom injection molded parts in “Cosmetic Specifications of Injection Molded Parts.”
The definitions are based on typical terms used in the injection molding process and where applicable to post molding activities.

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Why It Makes Sense to Contract for Design and Prototyping Services

The world of plastic injection molding is complex. And industries as demanding as yours can’t afford to get it wrong. We take the guesswork out of quality parts and components by leveraging our design expertise and prototyping experience. Our team has access to both horizontal and vertical injection molding presses ranging from 35 to 385 clamping tons with shot sizes from .25 to 42.4 ounces. Our fully equipped tool room gives our team exactly what’s needed to fulfill your project requirements.

What Makes Crescent Industries Different?

As a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer, Crescent Industries offers an integrated single-source solution. What’s more, we adhere to high industry standards and ensure that all processes are well within regulatory compliance. Only a contractor of our caliber can bring you smart service and quality products so efficiently.

At Crescent Industries, we pride ourselves on our high standards and quality customer service. We train our engineers to use innovative solutions to tackle complex projects. To learn more about the plastic injection molding process, or to find out how we can guide your plastic injection mold design and prototyping phases, contact Crescent Industries today.