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The Difference is Engineering

Crescent Industries has a competitive advantage because we aid our customers in product development, from the initial design and our comprehensive DFM analysis with mold flow simulation through production and continued support until the end of the product life cycle. With over 150+ years of combined experience, our engineers have plastics and plastic tooling expertise therefore are capable of assisting customers whether they have a simple or complex project. We work directly with your engineering teams in order to provide guidance on the manufacturability of parts ready to be custom injection molded or to create a mold design with the proper actions, gate locations, temperature control and venting.

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Engineering Advantages

With our continued investments into engineering resources, our team has the expertise and technical knowledge to assist with your products across various stages and complexity. We love to get involved in the earliest stages of product development to make sure that our customers have the plastic engineering expertise avoiding any costly hiccups in the development process.

  • Project Management

  • 150+ years of experience

  • Design and Development

  • Dedicated R&D machines

  • Mold Trials

  • Sigma Soft Simulation

Part Design Guidelines

The “Injection Molded Part Design Guidelines” will review items to consider when designing your next plastic component like:

  • Maintaining uniform wall thickness to minimize sinking, warping and improve mold fill.
  • Using generous radius at all corners to avoid sharp corners that increase stress concentration which can lead to part failure.
  • Incorporating sufficient draft angles for easy removal of the part from the mold.
  • Using ribs or gussets to improve part stiffness.
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Mold Design Guidelines

Crescent Industries’ mold design engineers look at the aspects of the part that are important for injection molding.  Through adherence to these design principles and best practices at the beginning of the design process will ultimately lead to better overall quality of parts during manufacturing. These “Mold Design Guidelines” will evaluate items like the follow:

  • Gate Designs / Runner Designs
  • Cooling / Venting
  • Actions
  • Mold Filling
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Design & Development

At the beginning of the design process, it is important to seek first-hand knowledge of the injection molding process which can lead to better overall quality for your components. We utilize 2D and 3D computer generated files to maintain the manufacturability of parts ready to be molded or to create a mold design with the proper actions, gate locations, temperature control, and venting.

Our engineers can provide consultation to determine the proper raw materials for your plastic component’s specifications and requirements. As a function of product design review, we invested resources into 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) services to provide clients with a rapid prototyping option all under a single supplier.

DFM Analysis

To ensure optimal results, we utilize Sigma Soft mold-fill simulation software; a computer aided 3D simulation of how the mold fills, packs and cools during the injection molding process is generated.  This allow a proactive approach to processing problems or potential concerns that can be solved before manufacturing begins and provide insights into potential manufacturability and quality issues.

By completing a comprehensive DFM analysis, we are able to determine the optimal; gate location, wall thickness, rib locations and cross sections, cooling line locations, and much more.

3D Prototypes

As a function of product design and development, we offer 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) services allowing for net build sizes of 19.3″ x 15.35″ x 7.9″ with a layer thickness that includes horizontal build layers down to 0.0006 inches (16 Microns) and a build resolution of 600 dpi for the X & Y axis and 1600 dpi for the Z axis. This is ideal for prototypes, samples and small production runs since they are produced with production grade thermoplastics; painting, gluing, sanding, drilling and bonding with other 3D printed parts can be completed just like any plastic component. In addition, our engineers can provide consultation to determine the proper raw materials for your plastic component’s specifications and requirements.

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Our ERP system (IQMS) gives us the ability to provide a customer portal capability which reports in real-time. This gives our customers the ability to view the status of their project at any given time. Customers may place orders, view product availability, check on order status and shipping status, view production information plus run customer specific reports.

Offering KANBAN shipping of stocked inventory and Just-In-Time Delivery from blanket orders to delivering your parts as you need them which is all tracked and managed through our ERP system. We have our own delivery trucks, so we offer a no charge for regular scheduled deliveries within a 100 mile radius.

Project Management

To be your committed manufacturing solution, our team can support every aspect of your custom injection molding and business needs. Our Project Management Office (PMO) manages new mold builds, tool transfers, and new projects. They examine the entire scope of your project, timeline & cost management, material selection, design & development and overall integration with your engineering team.

Essentially, you receive a dedicated team of professionals that collaborates, communicates, coordinates and executes. In addition, we have dedicated R&D injection molding machines to aid in initial sampling and validation to accelerate all phases of your project and transition into full production.

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Advantages of our QRM Approach


  • Medical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Military & Defense

  • Dental

  • Aerospace

  • Industrial

  • Electronics & Electrical

  • Safety

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Crescent’s Core Capabilities



Molding presses ranging from 35 tons – 385 tons with state of the art equipment and robotic integration for:
Medical Injection Molding
Military & Defense Industry
Custom Injection Molding

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OEM/Industrial Industries

Single-cavity to complex 96 multi-cavity tools including documented tool transfer process & scheduled preventative maintenance programs. Our In-House capabilities offer complete solutions, learn how at MD&M West 2019.

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Offering a comprehensive range of skilled labor, collaborative robots and automation. Our kitting and value add services lead the industry with solutions for complex assembly projects, talk with us at MD&M West in 2019.

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Single-source solutions from concept into production with 3d Printing (Additive Manufacturing), tool & part design and dedicated R&D Machinery. Our Project Management team collaborates, coordinates, communicates, and executes. Want to discuss at MD&M West this year?

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