Why Crescent?

Crescent Industries is committed to define, understand and communicate our customers’ requirements and to consistently provide products that conform to contracted specifications on the schedule promised. Our policy is to select employee-owners with exceptional work ethics and work aptitude. We are committed to ongoing training of our employee-owners and expect excellence from all. We are committed to sustainability and to the responsibility of all employee-owners to contribute to this process by means of their participation in the fulfillment of Crescent’s established Business/Quality Objectives, as applicable.

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It is our policy to provide our employee-owners with World-Class resources and a Quality Management System that maintains a competitive advantage. At Crescent, we pledge our best effort to satisfy our customers’ requirements regarding quality, service, value, and delivery.

Crescent’s Differences

  • Engineering & Project Management

    We provide our customers with an integrated single source solution, offering engineering solutions including 2D/3D part and mold designs, 3d Printing (Additive Manufacturing), mold-fill simulation, material selection, and more. Our Project Management Office (PMO) offers our customers support from overall program management & involvement with your engineering team from inception to production.

  • Kitting & Value Add

    From a simple kitting project to full medical device assembly, nothing is too simple or complex. Especially with our precision Swiss screw machined components done in house.

  • Class 10K & 100K

    We have been leading the industry with our expertise in ISO Class 7 or ISO Class 8 Clean Room molding and product assembly. From Class I to Class III medical, pharmaceutical and dental devices our experience allows our customers to get their product to market faster with less product development issues.

  • In-House Tooling

    Our skilled Journeymen develop simple single-cavity molds to complex 96-cavity molds. All new injection mold builds follow SPI Class 101-103 guidelines in various sizes, configurations and complexities. To help solve all of our customers’ requirements we offer documented mold maintenance, mold revisions and mold repair services and a documented intake process for tool transfers.

  • Scientific Injection Molding

    Our molding processes are established utilizing scientific injection molding principles and decoupled molding with key personnel trained in scientific injection molding principles certified by RJG.

  • Exceptional Quality & SPC

    With ISO:13485, FDA, FFL, ITAR Registrations, we are able to work with a wide range of industries. Our QMS includes the capability to perform validation procedures and capability studies and adhere to the requirements on Level I to Level V PPAP’s and IQ, OQ & PQ quality requirements for product approval.


Our ERP system (IQMS) gives us the ability to provide a customer portal capability, which reports in real-time. This gives our customers the ability to view the status of their project at any given time. Customers may place orders, view product availability, check on order status and shipping status, view production information plus run customer specific reports.

Offering KANBAN shipping of stocked inventory and Just-In-Time Delivery, from blanket orders to delivering your parts as you need them, which is all tracked and managed through our ERP system. We have our own delivery trucks, so we offer a no charge for regular scheduled deliveries within a 100 mile radius.

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Project Management

To be your committed manufacturing solution, our team can support every aspect of your custom injection molding and business needs. Our Project Management Office (PMO) manages new mold builds, tool transfers, and new projects. They examine the entire scope of your project, timeline & cost management, material selection, design & development and overall integration with your engineering team.

Essentially, you receive a dedicated team of professionals that collaborates, communicates, coordinates and executes. In addition, we have dedicated R&D injection molding machines to aid in initial sampling and validation to accelerate all phases of your project and transition into full production.

3 Facilities to Meet your Needs…

& Machining

Our Tooling Operations for new injection mold builds, mold maintenance, repair and revisions, along with our Project Management Team and Engineering Services are located in our 23,000 square foot facility. Our skilled journeymen mold builders use CNC automated hard machining centers, die sink EDMs and a wire EDM. In addition, several Swiss screw machines to manufacture precision Swiss screw machined components for inserts or as finished product.


Operating 24/7, our 50,000 square foot injection molding facility houses state-of-the-art, CNC, hydraulic and electric, horizontal and vertical/vertical injection molding machines following scientific injection molding principles certified by RJG and GSPC. With our expertise in kitting, product assembly and value add services we can integrate this in-line at the press by utilizing QRM cells, collaborative robots and other automation.

Glossary of Cosmetic Defects Terms

Injection molding is a complex technology with possible production problems; these can either be caused by defects in the molds or more often by part processing.  The Society of Plastics Industry produced a list of glossary terms and definitions for typical cosmetic defects for custom injection molded parts in “Cosmetic Specifications of Injection Molded Parts.”

The definitions are based on typical terms used in the injection molding process and where applicable to post molding activities.

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Crescent’s Core Capabilities



Molding presses ranging from 35 tons – 385 tons with state-of-the-art equipment and robotic integration for:
Medical Injection Molding
Military & Defense Industry
Custom Injection Molding


OEM/Industrial Industries

Single-cavity to complex 96 multi-cavity tools including documented tool transfer process & scheduled preventative maintenance programs. Our In-House capabilities offer complete solutions.



Offering a comprehensive range of skilled labor, collaborative robots and automation. Our kitting and value add services lead the industry with solutions for complex assembly projects.



Single-source solutions from concept into production with 3d Printing (Additive Manufacturing), tool & part design and dedicated R&D Machinery. Our Project Management team collaborates, coordinates, communicates, and executes.

70+ years defining the optimal processes…

  • Scientific Injection Molding

  • 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

  • Mold Flow and DFM Analysis

  • Kitting, Assembly & Value Add

  • Swiss-Screw Machining

  • In-house Tooling Capabilities

  • Product & Tooling Design

  • In-process assembly and kitting

  • Product Development

Advantages of our QRM Approach

Industries Served

  • Medical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Military & Defense

  • Dental

  • Aerospace

  • Industrial

  • Electronics & Electrical

  • Safety

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